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精密プレス部品・金型 自動装置 研究開発

Precision press

Produce 1,500 battery metal parts/min.; 3 lines x 500 rev./min. And dealing with difficulty processing materials such as Stainless steel, draft, bend, curling, coining and more.

Automatic device

Low cost automation; Trimming machine, Isoparaffin cleaner and Frame collector.
Proposal to the same trade.

R & D

We aim a R & D company. The quality engineering is taken, LED reflector and Metal separator and special nuts and cams are processed by the great cost down.

Minute research, rich imagination & a succession of technology and skill

We believe that it is important to do our job with pride, and work with the conviction that "we want to produce the best products in the world".
Today better than yesterday, tomorrow better than today, thinking about the way to do the job with higher quality, we can come up with ideas, make technological advancements and make products of top quality.

"Worldwide products irregardless of time or place". We the ISHIZEKI PRECISION are endeavoring to "make the best products in the world" - We believe that making even better products helps the development not only of the customer but also of society. We have confidence in the quality of our products because we are using high technology and take pride in each product.

We will progress under the slogan of "Make the best products in the world".